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  • Fantastic Buying Experience
    These guys are the real deal! Frank and Cory must be the most honest used car dealers on the planet. We will never buy another used car from anyone but them. They are pleasant, knowledgeable, nice, smart, competent, and more than fair. They gave us an unbeatable price on a 2003 Jeep Wrangler that was lightly used and even replaced some things that didn't even really need replacing on their own, at no extra charge because they are committed to excellence in the cars they sell and in their reputation. They truly go above and beyond what you would expect and we couldn't be happier with our purchase. They even give a 3 month/3500 mile NATIONAL warranty if anything happens that can be repaired at a qualified maintenance facility nationwide. This assurance gave us much peace about buying a used car far from where we live. Thank you, Frank and Cory. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you both and we give you the highest recommendation for anyone wanting to buy a used car.

  • Fantastic Buying Experience
    These guys are the real deal! Frank and Cory must be the most honest used car dealers on the planet. We will never buy another used car from anyone but them. They are pleasant, knowledgeable, nice, smart, competent, and more than fair. They gave us an unbeatable price on a 2003 Jeep Wrangler that was lightly used and even replaced some things that didn't even really need replacing on their own, at no extra charge because they are committed to excellence in the cars they sell and in their reputation. They truly go above and beyond what you would expect and we couldn't be happier with our purchase. They even give a 3 month/3500 mile NATIONAL warranty if anything happens that can be repaired at a qualified maintenance facility nationwide. This assurance gave us much peace about buying a used car far from where we live. Thank you, Frank and Cory. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you both and we give you the highest recommendation for anyone wanting to buy a used car.

  • Believe these reviews!
    Like many of you, I've had some unpleasant experiences buying used vehicles. Not at Enzo's. These guys are great, friendly, fair and really know their cars. They only sell high quality used vehicles and make sure they are in top shape before putting them out on the lot. In November, 2016, we were considering the purchase of a 2006 Jeep Wrangler that had a couple of issues (old battery and misfitting, leaking top). These guys changed them out without us even asking because they didn't feel right selling the car as it was. This made our final decision to buy very easy. Honestly, Frank and Cory are fantastic to work with. We highly recommend Enzo's Automobile Sales and Service to anyone looking for a solid used vehicle and a pleasant buying experience.

  • Outstanding and Honest!!
    I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Frank and Cory in the purchase of a used vehicle, Enzos Automotive is the best, most honest and knowledgable car business I have ever dealt with. They're vehicles are priced reasonably, and no haggle required. As long as I am around I will always be back to this dealership and highly recommend this to anyone. I rate Enzos 5 Stars!! Keep up the good work guys and Thank you I am extremely happy with my purchase!!

  • 2006 Toyota 4Runner
    I purchased my 2006 Toyota 4Runner from Enzo's and drove 8+ hours home to Vermont where I live. The car was listed on line and I viewed it on Cars.com and further on the Enzo web sight. Having done many weeks of research, I was drawn to the vehicle through the thorough description and multiple photographs provided. The free car fax info provided also played a big role in deciding to further investigate. Corey fielded my initial call and was entirely open and fully descriptive with all questions I had. A further conversation with the owner, Frank convinced me to make the purchase and make the trip to York, PA. Frank was very accommodating in assisting me to make this purchase and sent a driver to the Harrisburg airport to pick me up. The automobile met all of my expectations and I was very pleased with how the entire process unfolded. I would recommend Enzo's to all those interested in purchasing quality used automobiles. I believe they offer an honest and fair approach to a normally unsettling process.

  • Awesome experience!
    I just got home with my 2005 Toyota 4runner purchased from Enzo's. The 4runner is immaculate and runs like a top. I couldn't be happier! I drove from upstate New York to Enzo's because the pictures of the 4runner on Enzo's site were excellent and the price was very reasonable. Reading through the testimonials convinced me that it was worth the 4-hr drive each way, and now I can say it was well worth it! Working with Frank Messina was effortless and enjoyable. Frank is a great guy and was very open, honest and fun to talk to. His shop did a great job with the 4runner, putting on new headlights, touching up every little detail - it looks like a brand new truck! I have to say, Frank lived up to all the glowing testimonials. I was able to test drive, purchase, and drive the truck home in 1.5 hrs! He had all the paperwork and financing ready, all I had to do was sign my name a few times. I did enjoy chatting with him and would definitely buy from him again and would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Just Bought My Fifth from Frank at Enzo's
    If numbers mean anything, the very fact that I've now purchased five vehicles from Frank and Cory at Enzo's should send a clear message: they carry nothing but quality used vehicles, they stand behind the vehicles they sell, and they make the purchasing experience a pleasure, not a pain. I've been buying used cars for decades, and have suffered through many unhappy visits to other dealers who put on the full court press to try to unload a vehicle on me that I didn't even want. These guys know their stuff, and will happily answer your questions without the hype or pressure so commonly evident at other dealerships. Furthermore, their pricing is always competitive, and often less than book. If you are looking for a good buy on a solid used vehicle in a hassle-free environment, look no further. They stake their reputation on every car they sell.

  • Thank You!
    Frank and Corey, I want to thank you guys for everything you've done for me. Your service to your customers and your commitment to being fair and honest business men is second to none and far exceeds all expectations. I will forever be grateful for my experiences at Enzo's and I wish you both the best of luck and success. Best, Danny Fritsch

  • Every now and then you meet truly nice people who go above and beyond and go and do special things for their customers. Enzo's Automobile has those nice people. Thanks to Frank for doing the unexpected! Just wanted to let you know that your generosity was very much appreciated. Sincerely, Pam and Inc Byers

  • A Most Enjoyable Vehicle Purchase Experience
    My wife and I purchased a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited from Enzo's and it was without question the most enjoyable vehicle purchase experience I have had in 61 years on the planet. Franc was very straightforward, extremely accommodating, easy going, and totally customer-focused. During a phone discussion Franc took considerable time to accurately describe the vehicle and its condition, and my wife and I decided to make the 3.5 hr one-way drive to examine the Jeep in person and test drive it. We left early on a Sat AM and got there about an hour early so we looked the Jeep over and under. It was EXACTLY as Franc described. I sent him a quick text saying, "You weren't kidding about the Jeep's condition!" and the next thing we knew, he was there opening up early. After a quick test drive on a variety of roads, we sat down to close the sale and Franc walked us through the paperwork quickly and had us on the way. The Jeep has been marvelous; no issues on the 200 mile trip home from York, and we've put a total of 1200 trouble-free miles on it since purchase. BELIEVE THESE REVIEWS -- Franc is the genuine article! Enzo's is the kind of independent automobile dealership to which all others can only aspire. I'd give it 10 stars if it was an option. Brian Smith, Saint Marys, PA

  • Thank you!
    We purchased a car for our son and received fantastic service! We would definitely recommend Enzo's to anyone looking for a used car. Thanks for everything! Christine and Joe Capobianco

  • 2009 Toyota Rav 4 Limited
    I bought a 2009 Toyota Rav 4 Limted, just yesterday. I saw the vehicle on carsforsale.com and went to Enzo's website. Lucky me, the car was just listed the night before. It was as though I was meant to find it. Went to Enzo's that same day, took it for a test drive and drove it home. The car is in great shape. Looks and smells like a brand new car. The car has a lot of get up and go. I really like it. Everyone at Enzos was terrific. They made everything easy. Can't believe such a great place was so close to me. Thanks Enzo's!!!!

  • 2006 Subaru Outback
    I bought a 2006 Subaru Outback from Frank for my son. It had new head gaskets, timing belt, and water pump as well as all new fluids. 103,00 miles. Today I checked the oil and it is right on the full mark after 500 miles. We are quite happy with the car. It looks like new. Frank is a really nice trustworthy guy. I would recommend Enzo's for a used car,

  • 06 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    After searching a few local dealerships for another vehicle for our family, we came across Enzo's although it was over 35 miles from us. Went there towards the end of the day and they were more than happy to answer some of our questions. Frank was more than helpful with helping us get a new SUV that he even stayed after closing to make sure we got a vehicle the same day without any pressure of the typical salesman. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING TO ENZO'S. Frank and Cory are honest, down to earth family men that will not lead you wrong.

  • 2005 Volvo s40 - Great Experience!
    We went to Enzo's looking at a few options for our new driver son. Frank and Corey were so great to deal with - no pressure and honest opinions of the options we were considering. They went out of their way to make sure we were getting what we wanted. We went with the Volvo s40 based on their recommendation and couldn't be happier! I highly recommend checking out Enzo's if you're looking for a used car - you won't be disappointed!!

  • Amazing experience!
    Saw Mr. Messina for a 2009 Forester. He went out of his way, was extremely flexible and understanding of my situation, and gave me a discount on an extended warranty. I'd buy here again in a heartbeat.

  • All Around TOP NOTCH Service
    I recently bought a 2002 Subaru Outback Legacy from ENZO'S Automotive and I have to say it was a DELIGHTFUL experience.Frank and Corey are two guys who made me feel welcomed and did not try to force me to buy one of their vehicles. They also possess knowledge on all of the vehicles they sell.Frank and Corey, are the kind of guys I will definitely do business with again, and I will be recommending them to friends and family.

  • Thanks for a good experience
    Enzo's made a stressful time (replacing a vehicle) a much better experience. We were able to take our time and check out the nice selection of vehicles on the lot with no pressure. Frank made us feel like one of the family!

  • 2003 Honda CRV
    Just bought a 2003 Honda CRV from Enzo's Auto Sales, and we had a very pleasant experience! Frank Messina was honest and friendly! He was knowledgeable, and a person who only sells quality cars at an affordable price (ours was actually bought for $2800 under the KBB price)! We traveled from Ellicott City, MD to York PA, and were certainly glad we did. The car came equipped with four new tires, and a brand new battery. Frank told us he believes in the customer leaving the lot with their new car, and not having to worry about additional cost for little things (like tires and batteries). He warrantees the car for 30 days. However, our car was in such good shape, even the Maryland inspector wondered where we got the car (we passed with flying colors). I rarely comment on customer service for vendors, but I was so impressed with Enzo's. I knew I better spread the word. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend visiting Enzo's Auto Sales in York, Pa for your next vehicle! I know I'm going to give them a look when I'm in the market. Vincent Laper - Ellicott City MD

  • I just recently bought a 2005 volvo s40 here as my first car and I love it! The experience was great and they made buying my first car easy. It runs great and I'm very pleased with my purchase. Both Frank and Corey were very helpful and had some great advice in picking the right car. I'm very happy I chose to buy my car from Enzo's!

  • I just bought a 2006 Mazda from Enzo's to surprise my daughter for her 16th birthday. Found the car on-line, called Frank and asked for his honest assessment of the car. Made the decision to drive an hour plus to look at it and wasn't disappointed. You never know what you're going to get when you buy a used car but regardless of how the vehicle performs I'd recommend this place to others. Cars are exceptionally clean and its obvious that Frank and Cory take pride in their business. Keeping this a surprise until early March isn't going to be easy.

  • Just bought a 2009 Subaru Legacy from Enzo's Auto Sales and we had the most delightful experience! Frank Messina was honest and friendly! He was knowledgeable and a patient salesperson who knew his cars would sell themselves, as he only sells QUALITY cars at an AFFORDABLE PRICE! We traveled far and arrived late but Frank was kind and assured us that he would wait for us! I would definitely recommend visiting Enzo's Auto Sales in York, Pa for your next vehicle! Say "Hello" to Dino while you're there too!

  • Highly recommended
    Our relatives just recently bought a Subaru here for their sons, and after their nice experience dealing with Enzo's, recommended that we check out their inventory as well. My son was also looking for a new car, and so we found a nice Mazda here for a good price. The service was great and easy to work with. Thank you so much. Jon, Wanda, and Darien

  • 2006 S40 Volvo
    We bought a 2006 S40 Volvo from Enzo's recently. We had never been to Enzo's previously, but found Frank and Cory very easy to deal with during our car buying experience. They gave us quick access to the vehicle without putting any pressure on us. They readily answered any questions we had about the car. During the purchasing process we found out the car only had 1 key. We knew we would need more than 1 key, so Frank called the local Volvo dealer to help us to obtain the 2nd key, which was above and beyond what you would normally expect. After finalizing the purchase, we were getting ready to leave when we mentioned we had some issues with paperwork on another car that had been totaled by the insurance company. Frank helped me with the paperwork, which again was above and beyond what was normally expected. In addition, after a couple of weeks (with the hotter than normal weather) we noticed the air conditioning did not seem to be very cold. We called Enzo's and they arranged for the AC to be checked by an independent party. Enzo's quickly fixed the AC issue and the AC works great. It was a total fluke finding Enzo's, but anytime we need a used car we will be checking the Enzo's site to see what cars they have available since we had such a good buying experience.

  • Best experience buying a car
    We have spent countless hours in the last six months trying to locate a car for our sons. Many of the dealers have been less than nice, and unwilling to work with us. Enzo's was totally different! We have never ever in the thirty years we have been buying cars as a family, experienced what we did there. We are totally confident in the subaru we bought there, and we had the least amount of stress with the whole buying experience. We are letting all our friends know about how great our experience was! We will definitely buy here again when we need another vehicles!!!!! Dave, Nanette, Chandler, and Hunter Stewart

  • 2007 Subaru Forester
    My wife and I helped our out of state son with the purchase of a 2007 Subaru Forester from Enzo's. This was our first dealing with Enzo's and we were very impressed with the the excellent service that we received and with the integrity shown by both Frank and Cory. We also appreciated Frank going above and beyond to make a very satisfied customer. It might have been just a small thing for him but it made a huge impression on us. Thanks. We will be recommending Enzo's to friends who are in the market for a good, pre-owned vehicle.

  • XS Subaru
    Want to thank Frank,and Corey for the purchase of a 2003 Foster XS. The car runs really well, and is in very good condition for the year,and mileage. My best friend Matt bought a jeep from Enzo, which he has had for couple year. It's hard to find a good used car dealership, but these guys are the real deal. Thanks again Frank,and Corey for a very good vehicle. Will

  • 2005 volvoxc90
    i was in a nasty car accident on october 15th 2015.i was driving a 2002 volvo s80.thank god i was ..however i wanted another volvo and an xc90..i saw the color and model and style i wanted at ENZO's auto sales and traveled an hour and a half.i am so glad i did.i loved it and bought it.frank and corey made us feel so welcome.we enjoyed talking with them.They gave me a great deal and a very reliable,clean,and safe car.i am so glad i made the trip.i will definetly go back for another vehicle..those guys are the best. thank you both. JAYNE AND TONY

  • My husband and I recently purchased an 06 Honda CRV from Enzo's. We were not expecting to have to purchase a car this year, but that's the way things sometimes go. My parents recently purchased a vehicle from Enzo's and highly recommended them. I looked around at several dealers, but was overall very pleased with the no pressure environment, the inventory of cars that Enzo's had, an the pricing. Frank was great to work with!! I would absolutely consider returning to Enzo's for my next car purchase when the time comes.

  • Enzo's Rocks!
    Shopping at Enzo's Auto was a refreshing experience! No pushy sales people. Just some real folks helping you find what you need. Frank and Corey are men of integrity, and it shows! My wife and I purchased a 2008 Mini Cooper (British Racing Green) and we couldn't be more pleased! But more than the car, we were so grateful to find Enzo's! We highly recommend them!

  • Great vehicle at a fantastic price.
    We cannot say enough about this auto dealership. Enzo's has the best used cars in the area. We recently purchased a 2008 Toyota Highlander,a beautiful vehicle for a fantastic price.Frank and Cory are great to work with. There is absolutely no pressure. We highly recommend purchasing a vehicle from this dealer. You will find very good quality vehicles along with great service and fair prices.We have always stopped to check what they have on the lot knowing that we would eventually need a new SUV. We were always impressed with their inventory and knew that this was the place to make that purchase and we will be purchasing our next vehicle from them in the future. John and Patricia Gramling

  • Looking for our third car from Enzo's
    We have purchased two cars since they opened on South Queen Street and both have been very reliable. We have another driver about to get a license and will get our third car here. Frank and Corey are honest and great to deal with. I highly recommend Enzo's! York, PA

  • I needed a quality used vehicle quickly after an accident, and was searching online. I wanted another Subaru, but they were hard to find in good condition and in the price range we needed. Enzo's had a Tribeca, which was perfect for us. The price was very reasonable, and the service was wonderful. I called ahead to see if it was still available, and was met with friendly service on the phone. We arranged a time to check out the car, and everything looked great. In fact, we couldn't quite believe it was 8 years old! It was so clean and ran beautifully. We purchased the vehicle about a week ago, and have had no problems. We're thrilled with it! Enzo's even said to let them know if we had any issues with the vehicle, but there are none. I am so impressed with their service and honesty. I highly recommend them! Jamie Koons

  • Fast, easy, efficient, reliable and trustworthy
    It could not have been the easiest buy! This was my first car purchase ever but Frank and Corey made it a really smooth process. Got to test drive the cars I liked without any hassle. Best part is they also service and detail the car AND provide a 3-month Powertrain warranty. Their level of customer service and attention to detail is unremarkable. They can also arrange financing. Easy breezy! Thanks for all your help!

  • TERRIFIC!!! I can't say enough great things about Frank and Corey. My car buying experience here was downright delightful. I was actually a little bit sad when the transaction was over because I enjoyed talking to them so much! This is far more than a job for these guys. Cars and customer service are clearly their passion. After experiencing lots of frustration and letdowns while car shopping elsewhere, I found Enzo's online and made the trip down to York to test drive what is now my Volvo S40. The car is beautiful, and the price was literally impossible to beat. There was no point in looking any further after coming here. They blow the "big" car dealers away as far as I'm concerned. In addition to finding the car that was just right for me, Frank was so incredibly knowledgable, helpful, and personable. I felt very comfortable with the whole process. Enzo's is absolutely worth checking out! HIGHLY recommend!

  • Enzos
    I bought a vehicle from Enzos a short time ago. It was a positive experience from the time I stepped on the lot to sitting and signing papers with Frank. It was a trade in deal and I was satisfied with the determined value. The vehicle I was purchasing was cleaned and repaired nicely. It was clear this was a good vehicle and it was inspected and prepared for resale. You won't find any junk on Enzos lot. All of the vehicles seem to be of a solid grade used car. I had a minor issue with a sensor. Frank promptly scheduled me for the repair it was done and back to me in two days. What I discovered is that Enzos is a very professional and accommodating car dealership. I would recommend to everyone to visit them first if you are in the market for a used car.

  • Honda crv
    I will keep my testimonial a little less long-winded than my wife's haha. In all seriousness, I enjoyed my experience at Enzos.. Frank was not your typical pushy salesperson. He gave us space to find the car that was right for us instead of just trying to push an expensive car on us. He was professional, courteous, and just a very down to earth guy who you can have real life conversation with instead of just about making the sale. The car was well-priced and appears to be in excellent condition. Also very friendly financing with a 5 yr loan and low interest rate. Its refreshing to deal with a business that genuinely cares about their customers instead of just the bottom line. I would suggest Enzo's to anyone searching for a quality vehicle at a good price from an honest salesman. My wife and I truly feel we made a good choice purchasing our 2007 CRV here. Jed Lewis

  • Great Experience
    We had our eyes on a Honda Element at Enzo's for about two weeks. After internet searching for that same amount of time we came to the conclusion that there really was no better deal than Enzo's. Their pricing was spot on. They gave us no hassle about our trade-in. They also went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied with our purchase. They have great after purchase service too, making sure we were completely satisfied. They come highly recommended in my book and we love our Honda Element. Thanks guys at Enzo's! The Golden's

  • Wonderful CRV 2007 EX Experience
    Just wanted to give a huge thank you to Enzos for the wonderful purchase of our brand new Honda CRV 2007 EX. We could not be more blessed. As my husband and I began searching for a car to make sure that our child and I would be safe once our child comes home from South Africa we came across this CRV. At first my husband discovered it on his way home from work one day as he knew that we would soon be looking for a newer car to ensure the safety of our child. Then one Sunday afternoon we decided after searching some cars online to go out and look while there were no car salesman around. This CRV was the first one we looked at and were satisfied right away however we decided to keep an opened mind and search other lots just in case as we tried to not get our hopes up incase it wouldn't work out. There was also another car on the Enzos lot a Subaru Forester that we also liked so we kept that in mind as well as we drove around. We found nothing on any other lot and thought for sure that the Honda CRV 2007 EX was the one. We went back the very next day on Monday and asked if we could test drive it and look at it further. Frank, the guy at Enzos said sure, gave us the keys and told us that he was not one of those pushy car-sales man and wanted us to feel comfortable when purchasing and looking at the car. So we went to look at the car. We then got in drove the CRV up to him and asked if we were allowed to test drive it off the lot. He said, test drive it around the parking lot and if you feel comforable then come back for a plate and you can take it to the next level and test drive it on 83 and bring it back through Queen Street. We asked him if he needed to ride with us and he replied absolutely not that he trusted us and that once again he wants us to make the right decision for our family. So we drove it around the parking lot and sure enough we loved it so we asked for a licenses plate so we could test drive it some more. He gave us a plate and we did just that. We loved the car that much that when we got back he was honest and told us that another couple was looking into the car. But he wasn't pushy. My husband and I looked at each other and sure enough we were in agreement that we needed to move with the car if we wanted to purchase it. Right after that Frank was in agreement and took us to look at my car first to see what we could get for the Focus that we were about to trade-in. He gave us a decent amount for the car and we were still in agreement that this was the right move. He then took us inside and gave us a quote in which we were still in agreement. Frank, then took us over to the Credit Union to see if we would be preapproved for a loan. We instantly were approved for a loan and were told that if it worked for us that we could come back the next night after scanning information into the computer and sending in to the credit union. I did so immediately when I came home and it was good to go. We came back the next night and sealed the deal with the credit union and with Frank. In three days time we had our brand new CRV 2007 EX sitting in our garage. Frank also was great he told us that if we had any issues at all with the car to please come back. Frank is an excellent salesman to work with and I would recommend anyone to go and purchase their car from Enzos. Car-fax also showed on our report that Enzos took good care of the car even after they received it with updated PA inspections and regular oil changes and so forth. Overall we had an excellent experience and we would both recommend anyone to buy a car off of Enzos as we are very appreciative of the way they handle things with our most recent trade-in and purchase of our New Honda CRV 2007 EX. New Car Purchasers, Jed and April Lewis

  • Honda CRV
    Just purchased an 07 Honda CRV fron Enzo's and I love it. Frank and Cory are awesome, they were so helpful answering my questions, I recommend going there for your next vehicle

  • Enzo's is a great place to buy your car
    I recently purchased nicely priced and well-maintained 2007 Ford Focus from Enzos, a locally owned and operated car dealership in York. Enzos is run by a staff of two-Frank Messina and Cory Waltemyer! Because of this low overhead, they offer some nice deals on their vehicles. Their prices are hard to beat and this is what drew me to the place. The car was really clean, new tires, and freshly serviced. Also, there are no pushy sales persons or gimmicks. Friendly service, well-priced and well-maintained used cars are a hallmark of Enzos. I recommend Enzos and I will certainly look them up again in case I need another car! Frank, Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you need anything else. Bernardo Michael

  • Jeep Wrangler Sport 1999
    Searched online for used Jeep. Found one being offered at Enzo's for good price and in good condition. The owner stated that it did have ignition issue that they were planning on fixing (although I did not experience this). I went ahead and bought Jeep the same day and they went ahead and sent technician out to to my home to replace ignition the very next business day (after the sale). I have not had any issues whatsoever with the Jeep and do not have any concerns since it seemed to be well inspected and serviced prior to sale. Overall very good experience and would would definitely consider purchasing another vehicle here.

  • So impressed with Enzo's
    My family recently began the unpleasant task of searching the internet for a good used car for my son. We were replacing a lemon that was purchased from another dealer not even two years ago. After visiting a couple other dealers only to find questionable cars and the standard bait and switch, we went back to the internet and happened upon Enzo's website. Because the website was so easy to navigate, all the cars on the lot appeared to be top quality and Frank was so quick to respond to our inquiry about a particular car, we decided to make the 40+ minute trip to York. We are so thankful that we did! The cars at Enzo's ARE top quality and very reasonably priced. But, more than that, Frank and Corey are truly up-front, honest, non-pushy professional salesmen. We were given the CarFax report and all the details on the car we were interested in, allowed to take the car on a nice test drive even on the highway, and were given time to thoroughly check out the car without someone over our shoulder trying to make a sale. We know we purchased a good solid car from two good men who happen to own a car dealership and we plan to return when it's time to replace another car. Thank you so much, Enzo's! We didn't know there were still honest dealers like you still out there. We appreciate what you do and how you do it. The Clugh family Boiling Springs

  • Out of state buyer. (Michigan)
    I found this 2006 Scion XB via an online auto site, which then led me Enzos. The site is very clean and not to flashy, which to me, is great. The pictures of the cars and the shop are very professional and you can tell by the way the shop looks they take pride in their business, clean business means clean cars. My wife and I drove from Lansing, which is about 8.5hr drive to York, give or take. We arrived just before open which gave me a chance to look the car over in the lot. It was as described and everything I expected, well worth the drive so far. We took it for a test drive and I was surprised to feel how smooth this little toaster was. My wife was even shocked at the smooth driving. We got back, Frank and Corey talked to us about family and life while we signed the paperwork and not once were they pushy or rude. I could go on forever but this was well worth the drive and we made it back home to Lansing, 620 miles with no issues. I would consider buying another car from them in the future if they have something I want. This place is clean, honest, not pushy and overall an awesome place to buy a car. Thank you again Frank and Corey, you guys rock. Matt & Ashley - Lansing, Michigan

  • First time buyer
    From the first time I got a call from Frank at Enzo's I felt I was dealing with a straight forward professional sale person. He told me all about the car and its history that I was interested in and he had everything all set up by the time I arrive to view the car. He worked with the finance company and all the paper work was setting waiting for me even before I walked in. I never met Frank or his partner before but as I walk in he recognized me right away and I was surprised by how friendly and professional they both were. They do not have just any used cars but top quality used cars at a reasonable price. This is a more up scale used car dealer ship then your run of the mill dealers you find in auto strip malls. I recommend that if you want a good used car and not breaking the bank then go to ENZO's and talk to both Frank and his partner and you will not be disappointed. They are a refreshing change in the typical car salesmen

  • Great service and quality vehicles
    I recently bought a well kept used 2010 Honda Civic at Enzos for a very reasonable price. Frank was extremely polite and helpful in addition to staying passed their normal working hours so I could get the vehicle the same day I called. This is not your typical auto dealer, and it doesn't take long to tell they care more about building their reputation and customer satisfaction than racking in maximum prices for minimum service like most dealers. They are extremely straightforward and honest about everything, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone. David Witmer Ephrata,PA

  • Excellent Service!
    This past winter, I was in an accident which totaled my vehicle. I am the busy mother of a family of five, and I needed a reliable vehicle at a reasonable cost. It didn't take long for me to find Enzo's Automotive online. Their site was well organized and easy to navigate. When I saw the Honda Odyssey I would eventually buy, I thought it was too good to be true. After inquiring on the website, the owner, Frank, quickly responded the very same day to assure me it was still available, and on a Sunday no less! When I actually went to the dealership, the car buying experience with Frank and Corey was even better than I expected. They were both extremely friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. I was in and out and in an hour and a half, and I didn't know it was possible to not feel pressured when buying a car. I must say though, it was very refreshing after many high-pressure, day-long buying experiences at other dealers in the past. I will definitely be returning for my next car. Thanks again, Frank and Corey! -Stacey Gloeckner

  • 2008 Chevy Suburban
    My wife and I went to Enzo's looking for a car with a bigger engine in order to pull our new camper. From the moment we stepped onto the lot we were greeted by the owner, Frank, who was neither pushy or intimidating in any way, in fact, just the opposite, he was kind, knowledgeable and very friendly. Once we told him what we were looking for, he was helpful and very upfront with costs and explained thoroughly the amount of work his employees had put into making this car safe for everyone because as he put it, "I'm a family guy, I would absolutely want every car on my lot to be safe for anyone to carry their most precious cargo". Frank made our purchase easy, uncomplicated and we left not feeling like we'd just been ripped off. We've worked with him since on maintenance on our vehicle and that has also been smooth sailing. We will recommend Enzo's Automotive to anyone looking for a good car at an honest price. Thanks Again!

  • Great guys great deal great car. Drove 2 hours for a great experience. Highly recommended

  • Ted & Peg Organ
    We recently purchased a 2008 Honda Pilot from Frank and Corey. These men have been very helpful and are serious when it comes to customer service, not only on the vehicles they sell, but also in any way possible to help out. We were having AC problems with another vehicle and Frank put us in contact with another person who handled our issue quickly and economically. Thanks for your help. I do highly recommend this business.

  • Worth the trip from the city
    When our car was unexpectedly totaled, we cast about a while in Baltimore and DC, looking for what we thought we wanted. But what we really wanted more than any particular car was a dealer we could trust and count on. So we ended up at Enzo's. With Frank's careful selection of vehicles and his straightforward, no-pressure style, we felt very comfortable and confident – and found just what we needed. Frank's a man of his word and that's worth an awful lot as it gets harder and harder to find. If we need a car again some day (knock on wood), we'll come back to Enzo's.

  • Thank-you
    I bought a Volvo XC90 from Enzo's. Their customer service is superb! There was never any pressure to buy. You are able to walk around the lot and look at the inventory without being harassed. I had to contact Enzo's, about 1 month after my dealer warranty ran out, due to water collecting on the passenger side floor board after a heavy rain. They got me in the same day I called. As it turned out, the car was not leaking but the air conditioner condensing tube was clogged so the water was backing up into the car. They worked on diagnosing and fixing the problem for about 1 hour and didn't even charge me. I highly recommend Enzo's. They provide great customer service and their cars are priced appropriately. Thanks Guys, Melissa M.

  • Loving my Mini Cooper
    I can't say enough good things about Frank and the service he provided when we purchased our Mini Cooper. Frank went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. As a business owner of a service oriented company, I understand first-hand how important first impressions and the experience can be. Frank nailed it on every front. His no pressure and honest approach was refreshing and I will not hesitate to buy another car from him or refer him to friends. He stands behind his cars and is a good guy. Thanks for everything Frank - we really appreciate it. --Julie Lando

  • Thank you so much for making a complicated process easy and stress-free. I recently purchased a pre-owned 2011 Mazda 3 after an exhausting searching for a affordable, fuel efficient manual transmission vehicle without excessive mileage on it. I finally found what I was looking for I had to get through paperwork to trade in the jointly-titled vehicle which still had an outstanding balance. Frank facilitated this entire process with the First Capital Federal Credit Union conveniently located behind his business and I was able to complete my loan process, make the trade, and complete the sale all within the same day and drive away in my recently purchased vehicle. This was a case of inmeccable customer service , and efficient and thorough paperwork, knowledge of vehicle features (fuel efficiency, features, ). However, I was most impressed by the entire staff's commitment to providing quality products to the community. This is demonstrated in their honesty and integrity. Thanks again to Frank and the rest if the family at Enzo's for your patience.

  • Awesome Service!
    First car lot we stopped at to trade in our car. Frank was very honest and did not pressure us at all. We ended up buying a 2006 Toyota Rav4 from there and there was no stress throughout the whole process. Frank even went out of his way to help us get all of the things we wanted for the car. He even bought a new tire after we purchased the car and the tire went flat. Overall, Corey and Frank are honest and dependable. Best used car lot around and great deals! Thanks again for all of your effort and help guys!!!

  • Frank,


    Thanks so much!  And thank you for making this such a good experience for me.  I'm very happy with my purchase and looking forward to warmer weather so I can put the top down!

  • I recently bought my first car from Enzo's - a 2006 Subaru Tribeca. This dealer was fantastic to work with and I will definitely be returning when it comes time. Frank and Corey were very helpful through everything. They were very personable, friendly, honest and made the experience very easy. They answered any questions we had. They were not pushy and there was absolutely no pressure. When buying the car we were told right up front that there was an issue with one of the locks on the door and before we drove away a time was scheduled for them to make the repair for free. Again, I can't say enough about how great this dealer was to work with and how great of an experience this was! Thank you Frank & Corey!!

  • Mr and Mrs Edelen
    Wow!!! This is the place to buy a used car. The service was terrific. No one breathing down our necks, following us around the lot, riding in the car for a test drive or pressuring us to buy something we did not want. The prices are right on. No lies about the cars. Clean titles. Great service after the purchase. Easy financing at the credit union right behind them. We have bought used cars our whole lives. This was the most pleasant experience ever!!!! We will go back to Enzo's for our next purchase. Can't say enough about them. Super nice!!! You need to go to Enzo's for your next used car!!!!!!!!

  • Stupendous dealership
    The patience, honesty and knowledge of Corey and Frank is to be commended. It is most definitely appreciated by our family. We absolutely loved working with both of these gentlemen and look forward to working with them when we are again in need of a vehicle. ~Melissa & Samuel Wirls, Wrightsville

  • Very Well Pleased!
    Love our Volvo! Went to Enzo's to look at a Volvo. Couldn't believe how clean it was and how nice it ran. As a matter of fact, every car on the lot looked appealing. That tells me alot about who I'm dealing with. (Pride of ownership.) Decided to get the Volvo. It only got better. Frank and Corey were great! Very personable, no pressure, honest and upfront. Felt very comfortable dealing with them. The whole process was so easy, and quick. Went in on Thursday, drove away on Friday in our new ride. Would definitely recommend friends and family visit Frank's business and take a look at his vehicles. Thanks guys! And the cup holder works great! It's the little things that matter to a mom.

  • Thank you
    We drove all the way from Shippensburg because after online research on all car websites for PA and MD; Enzo's automobiles had the best deal. Very fair trade-in on our cars. Zero pressure to buy. Excellent customer service. Service was quick and efficient which really works out great when you have 2 impatient toddlers with you. Nice quiet safe neighborhood. After we test-drove, we walked across the street to eat with our kids to make a decision. Enzo's warranty is excellent because we wouldn't have to haul/drive the car all the way back to York. Its been 2 weeks and we still love our car. All is well. We still believe Enzo's automoblie gave us a really good deal on a family car. Thanks again Enzo's!

  • 2012 Ford Focus SE
    Frank did an awesome job with my son and I. He did not pressure into buying the vehicle. Very laid back and great dealership. We got a great deal on our 2012 Focus. I highly recommend giving Frank and Cory a visit!

  • Not like any other!
    My daughter was only home for one weekend and it was to trade in her car for one she saw on the Enzo website (if she liked it in person). Normally, at other new and used dealerships we'd have had to devote days and hours to this kind of transaction. Just recently we purchased a used car at another used car dealership and were ready to run like the wind after having been trapped there for 5+ hours!! Here, meeting with Frank, test-driving, managing the trade AND the purchase took 1 1/2 hours!! Frank just cuts right to the chase, knows his business and provides a quality product that he stands behind. We left with a great car and big smiles. We will be back and also refer friends. We've never had our own personal dealership before. Now we do!!

  • Still So Happy with my Car!
    I searched for a few months for a used CRV in my price range and found EXACTLY what I wanted at Enzo's! I was nervous about buying from a used car lot because of the high pressure salesman and having bad experiences with lemons in the past. But I was relieved at how honest and helpful Frank & Corey were! They gave me an excellent trade in value & 3 weeks later and I'm still in love with my 2005 CRV! I will DEFINITELY refer friends and family to Enzo's and when the time comes for another car for me, I will return! Thanks guys!

  • Made the process very easy
    Today I bought a car and made the process very easy. It took me back at first when I went to test out the vehicle and Corey told me to take it out for a spin by myself. NOT AT ALL A TRADITIONAL DEALER. Which they would try to make you leave with a vehicle. And this dealership in particular wanted to sell me the same car for $10,000. I got the car for way less. They even gave me advice on insurance for the car too. I appreciated the down to earth approach that they have. And stayed with my mother and I while we were talking on the phone for 3 hours with the car dealership. Thank you Corey and Frank, Dannon

    Very good quality and service, and i will be referring to friends. I plan on returning for another vehicle in the near future.

  • i just bought a 2003 honda cr-v suv from Enzo's about a week ago. i love the car. i was looking for something that ran good in bad weather and this car does the trick. Their prices aren't high at all. Frank and Cory were both nice to deal with they worked with me to get me into my new car. I will be sending friends and family their way if they ever need a car. Thanks Frank so much it was a pleasure having you as my car dealer even thou it didn't feel like i was at a car lot.

  • Frank and Corey make car buying fun. I have bought cars at other places and never had very good experiences. Both of these guys go the extra mile to make sure you are pleased with what you are getting. There is no back and forth, they make sure you are getting what you want for great deal ! Thank you so much for all of your help with my new purchase. I highly recommend that you check Enzo's for any of your car purchases ! Sincerely Derek Thomas

  • Gloria Reyes And Dustin Blevins
    I was looking very hard for the perfect car for my growing family and everywhere i went they could not understand what i was looking for and my price range until I went to Enzo's not only are there cars reasonable they are awesomely nice and will do anything to make your experience the perfect one. I am oh so happy with my 2003 Honda Element and want to thank you guys so very much for working with us. I recommend definitely going to them if your needing a car. There 100% awesome :) Sincerely Gloria Reyes and Dustin Blevins

  • I bought a 2008 Suburban from Frank. Seriously, the easiest car buying experience you'll have around here. You will not find a more honest down to earth salesman than Frank. Couple minor issues were taken care of without hesitation by Frank and Corey. I had no hesitations to send my wife there a month later to buy an Equinox. I highly recommend your next car buying experience to be with Enzo's. Great vehicle, great price, and honest sales. Thanks guys.

  • Dana & Julie Stump Review
    We have purchased two vehicles from Enzo's in the last sixteen months and have been highly satisfied. Frank has been good in communicating and has gone the extra mile even after the purchases. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a previously owned car and would do business with Enzo's again!!!

  • #1 Car Dealership in York
    If you are looking for above and beyond...this dealership is for you. The cars and customer service are above ANY place that we have purchased before. Honesty and Integrity seems to be "old-school" these days. No one in business knows these words any more. How refreshing to meet two gentlemen that have those qualities. Who want to do right by their customers. What a concept.

  • Thanks



    Thanks for helping another one of my employees out with reliable transportation! I makes my job much easier when people can get to work consistently…..


    Dave said you are a great place to buy a car!

  • LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this dealership! Frank was not your typical salesman/owner. He was very friendly and I trusted him completely. The vehicles were all in great condition and had clean Carfax reports. If you are searching for an honest dealership, this is the place to go! I will definitely be back for my next used car!!! :)

  • The Only Place to Shop for a Car
    I am a long-time customer, relatively speaking, of Enzo's Automobile Sales, and have come to know both Frank and Cory quite well. When I say, “long-time”, I speak of a relationship that we have built in the process of buying not just one, or even two, but three cars from Frank and Cory. These gentlemen stand out from the crowd in many ways, the most important of these being their integrity, their genuine friendship (note their logo: “We sell cars to make friends along the way”), their personal attention to detail, and their willingness to stand behind their product. I have bought many cars in my lifetime, and have dealt with many types of salesmen and approaches, but none even come close to the no-pressure, relaxed, honest dealing that Frank and Cory offer to all of their customers. Frank simply won't sell a car on which he personally wouldn't stake his reputation. These men are obviously committed to their jobs, and in it for the long haul. I will buy all my future cars from Enzo's, and will continue to recommend them unconditionally to my friends and business acquaintances.

  • Great Experience
    We just bought our 2005 Toyota 4Runner from Enzo's. This car was a replacement for one that was totaled by my daughter and so I wanted to put her back into the same vehichle because, thankfully, she walked away unhurt. We're from Maryland and I looked from DC to Harrisburg to Wilmington for a vehicle that I was happy with. I found it at Enzo's. I dealt with Frank Messina and it could not have been a better experience. Frank was accomodating, absolutely no pressure to 'buy it now'(we actually made three trips to look at it, buying it on the last trip). He made sure the truck was in top condition, replacing the tires and brakes. He even had it inspected in Maryland so that I wouldn't have to. The warranty included in the purchase also gave me peace of mind, and is much appreciated. When I am in the market for another vehicle I will make it a point to go to Enzo's. Thanks, Frank! Frank Giachini

  • Very satisfied customer!!
    In January 2014 I purchased a 2003 chevy express van from the guys at Enzo's. I bought this van as my work vehicle so it MUST be dependable. After about a week it wasn't running quite right. So long story short the van needed a costly repair. I had bought the van "as is", but I called Frank at Enzo's to see what he would do about it. (Ill be honest I didn't expect to much). I talked to Frank and explained the situation, and without hesitation he told me he would help me out. I got the van repaired at the garage I chose and Frank paid the bill. I cant thank Frank enough for stepping up and "making things right". People say that there are no honest car salesman-well I can definitely say I know one. I would not hesitate to buy another vehicle from the guys at Enzo's. I hope they are around for many years to come. Thanks again, Eric Russell

  • Couldn't Be More Pleased
    Over the past few years, I have purchased three vehicles from Frank Messina, owner of Enzo's Automobile Sales and Service, and I have been thoroughly pleased with the quality of his vehicles, his no-pressure sales approach, his excellent service area and technician, Cory Waltemyer, but most of all, with his commitment to his customers and the vehicles he sells to them. Frank represents what everyone should expect in a true businessman: integrity, understanding, fairness and service. The very few times I've asked Frank to check a vehicle for a problem I thought I might have encountered, I was greeted with a welcoming smile, a genuine concern, and an unwavering commitment to serve his customer. When friends and acquaintances I meet ask me where I bought my car, or where I think they should look for a quality, pre-owned vehicle, I promptly hand them one of Frank's business cards with my highest recommendation that they contact him first.

  • Great Service
    Great dealer! Great service! Very knowledgeable! I would recommend this dealer to anyone looking for a good used car!

  • Great experience at Enzo's
    I recently purchased a used SUV from Enzo's. I visited their lot the weekend before after business hours to check out their inventory. I was very impressed that all vehicles had a carfax report taped to the window. I decided to test drive a few cars the next weekend. Frank was very approachable and is a no hassle kind of guy. He was open and honest about his inventory. His prices are very close to blue book value and he has VERY clean cars on his lot. I ended up purchasing an SUV from Frank and later noticed the check engine light (oxygen sensor) and that the brakes chattered when braking at highway speeds (needed new rotors). I told Frnak the issues (not included in the warranty) and he immediately (no hassle) scheduled a time where I could come in and he could fix the issues no charge. If you're looking fair priced, clean cars and a no haggle experience, I highly recommend Enzo's Auto Sales.

  • 2008 Dodge Ram
    These Guys are great very fair i traded my pickup on a dodge ram very happy with trade amount and thrilled with dodge ram would recommend these guys to anyone.

  • Lacey
    Bought a 2001 Toyota Corolla from Frank... All I can say is he is not your typical dealer. He was more than happy to sell me the car, but the process was completely pressure free. The car had an issue concerning the power steering just a few weeks after my purchase. I called him and he and Corey fixed it. No hassle. My husband will be needing a new car in the near future. This will be the only place we even think to look.

  • BEST Dealer experience! Above and Beyond!
    Summary:------+Great customer service + Excellent customer support + Above and beyond the typical dealership + Quality vehicles + Great prices + Fair and honest dealer Details:----Found Enzo's through Craigslist. Took a chance and rove 40 miles to check out a 2004 GMC Yukon Denali XL. Frank talked to us about the vehicle and treated us as friends. He had the attitude that if we wanted the vehicle he'd be glad to sell it to us; but if we didn't that was okay with him. We did end up buying the vehicle and the purchase process went very smoothly. Also, we had been checking prices and researching for about a year before buying the Yukon from Enzo's. They had the lowest price around for a vehicle with all the features we wanted. That's just for starters...there was an intermittent problem with the speedometer (nothing surprising for a used vehicle). I let Frank know about the speedometer and he drove the 40 miles to my house to pick up the ukon and left a car here for us to use as needed. He rebuilt the whole cluster and replaced it all at his cost. Also, he returned the repaired Yukon the very next day, which was 2 days earlier than promised. When we had a problem with the anti-lock brake system, Frank also repaired this, which involved replacing sensory, brakes, and rotors, at no cost to us. Again, he lent us a vehicle during the repairs. All in all, a great dealership. I will be shopping there for our next vehicle.

  • Made buying a car comfortable and simple
    Frank, the owner of Enzo's Automobile Sales was very gracious in working with me. I knew the car I wanted and was still trying to put the money together. Frank did not mind, we kept in touch because he knew I wanted the car (even though he could have easily sold it to someone else). He kept his end of the deal and as a result I bought the car I wanted, which was great. I live in Manheim which is the mecca for cars and rove to York to get the car from Enzo's Automobile Sales. Service goes a long way. It would be a pleasure to do business with him again. I know where I will be purchasing my next car. 

  • Great customer service, very knowledgeable staff!!
    I can't say enough on how great of an experience I had with Enzo's Automobile Sales! This was the second vehicle I purchased from them. They are great guys.  They are knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to work with you. Every question that I had, they were able to answer. Shopping with them is not like shopping at your average dealership. They go out of their way to make you feel at ease, like you're part of a family!

  • Bought from Enzo's
    If you are going to buy a used car, this is the place to do it. Frank and Cory are honest and up front with you during the sale. My car had a small issue they were working out and would not let the car leave the lot until they had resolved the issue. The facilities are immaculate and you can see they take great pride in what they are doing there. I was welcomed back into the garage area and that as well was well maintained. They offer a fair deal and they buying process is seamless. I have 2 more cars to buy in the near future and this will be my first stop.

  • Honest dealer and great service
    Great customer service.  Excellent customer support. Above and beyond the typical dealership. My experience at Enzo's Automobile Sales with Frank and Cory was far beyond what I expected. This is a great place to buy a car or truck. These two men were very open and honest about the truck I bought from them and they care about their customers getting a good reliable car. They are not just out to make a quick buck. I am thankful for their Honesty and true customer care service (:

  • Honest and reliable
    My husband and I were looking to purchase a used vehicle back in February and fell in love with an orange Honda Element at Enzo's. They are right next to the repair shop we normally use for our vehicles, so I asked for the manager's opinion of Enzo's and received a wonderful and encouraging response. My husband and I went in and test drove the Element later that day and really appreciated how laid back and honest the owner, Frank, was. It was refreshing. Later that day, we made an offer, worked out the deal, and took our new ride home that evening. I popped back in the shop the next week because they had ordered a new lock for the Element's door and they wanted to get that taken care of for me. All went well. A few weeks later as I was driving the Element on the highway (I don't drive on the highway often since I work from home), I noticed a high pitched and very loud squealing noise coming from the windshield. Enzo's loaned me a car so they could spend a whole day figuring out what was making that horrible noise. They discovered it was actually the roof rack and removed it for us, for no charge. These guys are wonderful, hardworking, and kind!

  • Excellent service, friendly atmosphere
    We drove from Delaware to check out the 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe at Enzo's Automobile Sales. The listing was just posted and arrived only a few days earlier. Eager to check out the car, we decided to take the trip to York, Pa that same week. Franc, the salesman, was so friendly and honest that it took us by surprise. Our experience at Enzo's was refreshing and hassle free. He never pressured us to buy the vehicle we were inquiring about or any other vehicle for that matter. We were treated fair like we were family. I have to say it was a unique experience, because we immediately knew we wanted the car after the test ride and drove back the next day to make the purchase. It's been a little over two weeks now and we are very pleased with our choice, especially the compliments on how clean and well kept the car was. When we tell people where we purchased the car, they can't believe our good fortune. The car looks brand new and everyone thinks it is newer than it really is. Thank you Franc!

  • Taken Care of!
    Purchased 2003 4Runner for my son from Enzo's after weeks of researching and shopping. Found vehicle I wanted with reasonable mileage at a great price. After 10 days noticed a high pitched squeal so I called Frank and he said bring it in we will take care of it. After a day of Frank and Corey problem solving and fixing the noise, they had it ready to go. I was issued a loaner car to use while they got the necessary caliper, pads, and rebuild kit to make the repairs. Now it's been 3 weeks and a thousand miles without issue. They were low pressure sales, allowed my wife and I time to make the decision. The buying process was quick and efficient. Our vehicle even came with 3 month 5k warranty that was paid for by Enzo's. That gave us piece of mind. I would highly recommend them and when my daughter needs a vehicle in 2 years this will be my first stop. Thanks Frank and Corey!

  • Great Service
    We purchased a 2002 Lexus from Enzo's. We are extremely happy with our purchase. They have great customer service, great communication, and excellent prices! They were very knowledgeable & professional. We would definitely buy another car from them and would recommend them to anyone!

  • Great Service
    Great dealer! Great service! Very knowledgeable! I would recommend this dealer to anyone looking for a good used car!

  • Clean cars, professional service
    Thank you gentlemen for helping us get the right car that suited our family needs.

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